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Must I double bag my own head?

Posted by Condomologist on February 6, 2009

My friend Dare, who proudly represents my South Philly ‘hood, but who more importantly is the person I most respect on this planet when it comes to her sexual health intellect — seriously, she will make your human sexuality professor look silly — called me out on my Canada-bashing by dropping this knowledge: ” Although your advice is generally accepted and promoted by most Planned Parenthood types, it’s based on shoddy evidence. Most of these myths persist because we’re afraid to roll back on anything that might encourage being less careful at all, even if we have no evidence for them.” As I said, I know far from everything. Upon further review, it appears that what is particularly notable is that doctors, universities, and respected HIV/AIDS organizations all say the same thing I did — that one condom is safer than two — without the science to back it up. At least some of the more dutiful, thoughtful sources say that the idea that friction of two condoms causes tearing is based solely on hearsay. The point is that I may or may not be right, but maybe the Saskatonians aren’t so ignorant after all. My apologies, Canada.


One Response to “Must I double bag my own head?”

  1. […] just to keep the people honest, I’ll point folks back to the double-bagging (two condoms at once) myth that continues to be perpetuated by public health experts everywhere. There’s no […]

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