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First day of Condomology 101

Posted by Condomologist on February 4, 2009

The power of the blogosphere, alas, was too overwhelming. I tried to run and hide, but the tug of the interweb could not be avoided. So here begins the start of the Condomologist era. Together, readers and I will engage in lively discussion about the world of condoms.  As these tiny pieces of plastic and rubber (and animal skins) are the only means we have to prevent against both pregnancy and infection at the same time — or just infection for anal and oral sex — we must discuss, as a starting point in any safer sex dialogue, their merits and pitfalls and variations and uses. Of course plenty will not be directly addressed regarding the vast field of human sexuality — other forms of birth control, relationships, STDs (or STIs for the PC folk), communication between partners, masturbation, sex toys, whatever — but if done well, all those topics will appear alongside our discussion of condoms.


Sexual and reproductive health are what I do, but I would never claim to know it all. I hope to learn from readers and their feedback, and I’ll keep digging for answers as long as I’m a sexual being. Please let me know what you’re thinking, put me on to new sites to keep my eye on, and please please share your stories and experiences. The goal is for Condomologist to evolve into a mostly user-generated site where readers talk about their experiences with condoms — what works, what doesn’t, and why — so others can find a more comfortable path to safer sex. For now, though, I have to kick things off 2009-style with a blog.


George Michael tells us  that “sex is natural/sex is good/not everybody does it/but everybody should” and I second that. Do it, enjoy it, even do like Michael and do it with other men in public bathrooms. Let’s get over our puritanical mentality and usher in a more sex-positive generation. But in the process, let’s reduce unwanted pregnancies and preventable disease. Part of that seismic shift will be brought about by increased use of condoms. I hope to play a small role in that shift.


2 Responses to “First day of Condomology 101”

  1. TJ said

    Great site! Really enjoyed the Santa animation. Here’s my question. The missus and I used to use 4x brand. Whatever happened to them?

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