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Great American Blow-up Doll Contest

Posted by Condomologist on February 4, 2009

Now the fun really begins. My original idea for a blog was for me to try out different condoms with a blow-up doll and write about my super safe relationship with an inanimate object and my reaction to the different condoms I would use. Unfortunately I’m not prepared to do that at this point in my life. But someone out there surely is. So here’s the deal: 300-word essay about why you are the right person for this dream come true. The winner splits the cost of the blow-up doll with me (assuming the price is within reason) and gives me their word they’ll write at least once a week about safely having “intercourse” with the doll. Your name will be anonymous, pictures of the two of you are optional but encouraged — maybe you can wear a Mexican wrestling mask to hide your identity — and good humour, a witty writing style, and a slightly kinky sex drive are required. Contest closes when I decide I’ve found the right subject. Just think: your blow-up doll escapades will become a thing of legend, and you’ll get published on a blog nobody reads. Yet.

Ladies, sorry to leave you out of this, but I promise that if the blow-up doll adventure takes off, I’ll offer the same contest to you, only you’ll commit to using condoms on a sex toy of your choosing.

Let the games begin!


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