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Condom Giveaway

Posted by Condomologist on February 4, 2009

Props to these cats for hooking me up at work and fulfilling my full request to try new condoms. Part of the mission of my condom crusade is to get health centres (yes, I’m American, but there’s something classy about spelling words as the Brits and Canadians do) and non-profits to get more bang for their buck and distribute condoms people actually want — as opposed to condoms that feel like you’re wearing a bullet-proof vest on your penis. It seems to make sense to pay 50% more per condom if people are more likely to use, say, a Kimono Maxx while they throw out a Durex XXL. So here’s what they sent me (actually my supervisor — thanks Tony), and I’ll send them out upon request until they’re all gone, assuming you will use them and give me feedback. I have Kimono Maxx, Durex Extra Sensitive, Lifestyles Sheer Pleasure, Trustex Extra Large, and Crown condoms. I picked these because my research told me people liked them. (BTW: All links to condoms will go to this one site when possible, precisely because they don’t rely on individual sales for profit and are thus less likely to hype up an unworthy product. I want the discussion about quality to be had on here, not some site devoted purely to condom sales. That said, the descriptions of these condoms are very basic, so maybe I’ll change my mind later on.)


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