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Canada, step up your game

Posted by Condomologist on February 4, 2009

Doing some research today and I come across these terribly miseducated double-bagging advocates. We have to get a few things clear before we get into the nitty-gritty. One of them is that you never use two condoms, no matter what your partner looks like or if his/her genitalia doesn’t look right or smell right (in that case, you might want to consider abstaining). The friction of two condoms makes them more likely to break than using just one alone properly. (Unless I missed the memo about how it’s okay to pair a lambskin with a latex condom, but I don’t think so.) I get that Saskatoon might not be the sexual health centre of the universe, but this kind of information is unacceptable. If one partner is allergic to latex, try a polyeurathane male condom, a female Reality condom (made of polyurethane), or the new Lifestyle Skyn, made of polyisoprene (don’t ask me what it is, but it won’t mess with those with latex allergies).


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